HedgeHog... The Ultimate Dutching / Hedging Program.
Choose your own payoff - Dutch and Hedge All Bets.

Play 2, 3, 4 or more horses per race and still make a profit. HedgeHog lets you play more races with confidence. You'll be in control of the outcome of the races you play. Once you use it, you won't go to the track without it.
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Professional horse players have known for decades that the multiple win bet is one of the most powerful, consistent ways to make money at the track. We all know that the "best" horse does NOT always win. He does win often enough though that he can't be ignored. Also, what about those LONG SHOTS that sometimes kill you. What about that odds-on horse that you're afraid of. If you play him along with YOUR top pick, your profit margin will be too low. Playing more than one horse to win is called a "DUTCH". If you proportion your bets correctly on each horse it doesn't matter which horse wins, you'll get the same amount back. Dutching, however, is often not enough. Here are a few situations you may have encountered :

You have two horses you like in the next race. In fact you're ALMOST sure one of them will win and you could make a nice profit if you played them both ...if only that other horse __the one with the good paceline three races ago doesn't fire today. You could include him as well, but that wouldn't get enough back to make the bet worth while.

You've got the winners nailed, but boy do those three longshots look tempting! It's been raining all week, the track is slow, and closers like these have been killing the chalk players. You could dutch 'em along with the others, but that would cost too much. Besides only one of them looks like he REALLY has a shot and you'd like a bit more on him than the others because he's going off at 15-1 and you could score big. If only you could figure a way to bet your top selections, the 15-1 shot, and not lose money if one of those others gets through.

It's one of those days where you have a first and second pick in every race but nothing going-off at over 4:1. By playing them all to win you could make maybe a dime on the dollar. By playing only your top pick you know you'll lose a few, maybe more than a few. If only you had a quick way to figure your bet to just break-even if your second choice wins. That would put most of your money on the top pick.

You see something in the form that everyone else has overlooked. This horse has a real shot! And look at those odds! Why, he can beat every other horse in this race. So why does everyone like these other two?

Any of this sound familiar? If so, perhaps you need HEDGEHOG. HEDGEHOG is a lot more than just a "dutching" program. What a dutching program won't do is tell you how much to put on CERTAIN horses so you'll just get your money back if one of those horses wins. This type of bet is called a HEDGE. If a hedged horse wins, you kiss your sister, no harm done, you get all your money back for the next race, it's like you didn't even play the race. Hedging one or more horses puts more money on the horses you are really betting on. It lets you play more races because your potential profit will be higher than if you had included all your suspects as equal participants. HEDGEHOG takes this idea beyond just betting one of the horses to get your money back. You can predetermine a profit percent on any horse(s) in the race, even below the break-even point if you think a horse has only a ghost of a chance. If you enter an impossible situation, you'll know immediately and be able to edit your bets right on the screen. You can move from horse to horse and recalculate your wagers without having to re-enter all your data. You'll be able to precisely determine how much to bet on each horse in situations that were previously seat-of-the-pants guesswork. Now you'll KNOW (horse- by-horse) how much you'll get back on complex win wagers and you'll lay-off those losing propositions.